Hello from the Hag

My name is Pamela. I’m currently 28 years old, a Gemini and I hail from Dundee in Scotland ( Dùn Dé in Scots Gaelic, dun meaning fort and , meaning ‘fire’).

I am a writer and a book collecting fiend. A good friend of mine jokes that I spend most of my money on books before I’ve even stocked up the kitchen with food each month. Ahem. I’ve written a few articles for a couple of pagan magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Witchcraft & Wicca.   I’ve had an essay published, titled “CLIODHNA: FAERIE QUEEN AND POTENT BANSHEE” in The Faerie Queens published by Avalonia.  Here – http://avaloniabooks.co.uk/catalogue/celtic_myth/the-faerie-queens/

I’ve recently submitted an essay about the goddess Nicniven which should be published later this year in an anthology called “Naming The Goddess” by Moon Books.


I can speak, read and write Scottish Gaelic. I’m not fluent in it yet, but I plan to learn more. I find it really fascinating and beautiful, and would like to practice my rituals using the gaelic language in future.

I’ve been a practising witch since I was 14, mostly following a solitary Wiccan path with friends. Then I joined a local coven a few years ago and have since been initiated in a Gardnerian lineage. I prefer to call myself a Witch rather than Wiccan.

When I’m not in coven I lean more to an animistic type practice. I work with my ancestors a lot, and familiar spirits. I work with Gods too, mostly Hekate, The Cailleach, Herne, and Nicnevin. Yup, I mix pantheons too and you know what? It works for me, I don’t find cultural barriers to be a problem when speaking to deity and I’m not a purist. I will use whatever works and whatever has meaning for me, and I approach my practice with reverence and respect.

I’ve also been learning more about hoodoo practice. Got an amazing Road Opener oil from London Conjure, it smells amazing and works really well and really fast. Check them out http://londonconjure.com/

I love learning new creative crafts, I’ve recently made beeswax candles and I’m trying to learn how to knit. Next step will be pyrography and maybe crochet.

I love witchy and spiritual fiction as well. Currently hooked on books by Paulo Coelho. His words are sensual and soothing, reading his books is like eating your favourite ice cream on a hot day. His words feed my soul. Read his work and you’ll see what I mean 😀

That’s all for now,

If you stop by my blog, feel free to say hi 🙂

Mar sin leibh an-dràsta!

Pamela (The Hag)

2 thoughts on “Hello from the Hag

  1. Hi Pam, reading this makes me think deeply about your ancestors especially on your granny’s side….good for you, lots of love,, Auntie Val

    • Thanks Auntie Val 🙂

      I honour my ancestors, their choices and actions have given me life, and it may not be a rich life, but it is a happy one 🙂

      The photos you’ve given me line my mantlepiece along with photos of my Dad 🙂 xx

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