Sabbats and the city

Being an urban witch ain’t easy

Bedpans and Broomsticks

When i used to live in the countryside, celebrating the sabbats in a ‘pagany way’ wasnt difficult.

Aberdeenshire-Where i grew up

My home was surrounded by fields, trees and oldie places. five minutes walk from my house was an old ice house in a glade of trees that we would play in as kids. It looked like a hobbit hill and was really dark inside and unfortunately its magickal appeal was destroyed by the fact that alot of the time it smelled of pee.

Ice House

Living in such a place meant that i could happily go walking through fields, and celebrate the seasons in privacy and solitude. I could even take my clothes off and lie in the sun without the worry of being seen. I disclosed my habits to my mum once who’s only response was ‘what if a randy farmer comes along?’. apparently my mum lives in…

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A Forager’s Eye

Saw these two little beauties on my walk home today:





White Nettle or Dead Nettle.

I’ve walked this way for years and it’s always refreshing to find something new growing each year. There’s only a small patch of each so I don’t intend to harvest it this time around but I will watch it’s growth and make a note of how long each stays in bloom. 



Medicinally used to prevent migraines, to reduce fever, treat arthritis and digestive problems. From the Latin febrifugia meaning fever reducer. 

In magic it is used in mojo bags along with hyssop and rosemary and carried to prevent accidents.  Can be used as a bath tea to break hexes designed to make you accident prone.


White Nettle/Dead Nettle

Known as dead nettle because it has no sting. The leaves are edible when young and can be cooked or eaten raw in salads. The flowers help reduce swelling and inflammation.

I haven’t found references to it’s use in magic, but I imagine it could be used to calm or diffuse tension, or to take the “sting” out of someone’s personality.