Scotland the Brave


I wasn’t going to blog about this it’s been spoken about  by so many others. But then this is my blog and I will write about what I want to 😀

One day to go until Scotland decides to either a yes or a no for independence. This is a huge decision and one that I hope people will decide based on fact and research and not out of fear. I’ve done my own research and I will be voting YES as I believe that all of Scotland’s wealth should be used for Scotland.

I know for a fact that with the government welfare cuts there has been a huge rise in the use of foodbanks in Scotland and the rest of the UK. I have friends who have had to use them. In my place of work we currently have a foodbank collection, and there are foodbank collection points in supermarkets all over Scotland. We don’t need to live on handouts. Scotland is one of the top 20 wealthiest nations in the world, why the hell do we need foodbanks then? Because we do not have the full powers to control where our money goes. We pay Westminster billions each year. Billions that could be used in Scotland to provide better services for the people who live here.

The UK government is increasing the pension age, meaning the people in the UK have to work for longer before they can retire.  In an independent Scotland we can lower the retirement age and protect pensions, we can protect our NHS from privatisation and get rid of the Trident missiles stored in the Clyde. Most importantly the majority of Scots did not vote for a Tory government, so in an independent Scotland we get to have a government chosen by the people here.

It makes so much sense to go independent and to govern ourselves and use all of our wealth to provide for the people in Scotland. As for a currency union, I think it’s more than possible. The Bank of England is owned by both Scotland and England so we’ll definitely get to use Sterling. It is in the interests of the rest of the UK to have a trade partnership with us and that is why we will have a currency union. Many other independent countries still use the same currency prior to going independent. We can too.

Yes it may be uncertain for a little while if we get independence as we reorganise and build up our nation. But we are a brave and strong and proud people. 142 countries have chosen independence since 1945 and none of them have asked to give it up to go back to a union.


One day to go until Scotland decides. Be brave, beautiful people of Scotland, make an informed choice, and do not vote out of fear. Vote for a brighter, stronger, fairer Scotland. Make your ancestors proud, and provide a better country for your children and your descendants.