I said ‘goodbye’ to the spiritual community

Spirituality is very much a personal path for me

Anna Veith

Some time ago I have cut all ties from the spiritual community. Indeed it felt like I was tied to it, at times I realised that it was all slightly cultish. Although I’m not the kind of person who would get heavily involved in cults because I’ve got a too strong bullshit detector to get stuck in such a thing, I did feel that I had been drawn into something toxic that I needed to get out of and doing so wasn’t particularly easy.

It took me a while to fully realise why it all had become so toxic, to identify what those feelings of ‘something being off’ were related to in my actual experience. When I did it became clear that being part of the spiritual community was holding me back from awakening spiritually more than it encouraged me. It was a trap I had fallen into.

The process…

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