Favourite Blogs and Pages

http://sarahannelawless.com/blog/ Ms Lawless’ blog is one of my favourites; reading her posts are an instant balm for my soul. (Sadly as of 2019 she took her blog down but you may find some entries using the internet archive wayback machine)

http://rueandhyssop.blogspot.co.uk/ a beautiful blog about nature, wildcrafting, folklore and spirituality.

http://unfetteredwood.blogspot.co.uk/ Another lovely blog containing elements of folk magic, gardening and animism.

https://graveyarddirt.tumblr.com/ A blog about spirit work, animism, ancestors and ukrainian praxis and folklore.

http://www.lovebythemoon.com/ A blog about spirit work, animism and witchcraft

http://www.cailleachs-herbarium.com/ a blog from a fellow Scot about witchcraft, folklore, wildcrafting, festivals and crafts

https://www.viahedera.com/ folklore and animism in the new world

http://visardistofelphame.tumblr.com/ this is a wonderful blog by a fairy doctor about witchcraft, fairy lore and folk lore.

http://rootandrock.blogspot.com/  Animism, folk magic, folklore, witchcraft. Scylla doesn’t blog often but has some excellent previous blog posts worth reading.

tairis.co.uk a Gaelic Polytheist website and a great resource

this list is to be continued.