Favourite Blogs and Pages

http://sarahannelawless.com/blog/ Ms Lawless’ blog is one of my favourites; reading her posts are an instant balm for my soul.

http://rueandhyssop.blogspot.co.uk/ a beautiful blog about nature, wildcrafting, folklore and spirituality.

http://unfetteredwood.blogspot.co.uk/ Another lovely blog containing elements of folk magic, gardening and animism.

http://elphame-bound.tumblr.com/ A blog about spirit work, animism and witchcraft

http://www.lovebythemoon.com/ A blog about spirit work, animism and witchcraft

http://www.cailleachs-herbarium.com/ a blog from a fellow Scot about witchcraft, folklore, wildcrafting, festivals and crafts

http://visardistofelphame.tumblr.com/ this is a wonderful blog by a fairy doctor about witchcraft, fairy lore and folk lore.

http://storiesandconjure.tumblr.com/ a tumblr blog about spirit work, witchcraft, folk lore and folk magic

http://www.tairis.co.uk a Gaelic Polytheist website and a great resource

this list is to be continued.