Writing Portfolio

Published Essays

  • Cliodhna: Faerie Queen and Potent Banshee, The Faerie Queens – A Collection of Essays Exploring the Myths, Magic and Mythology of the Faerie Queens, Avalonia.
  • Part II Journeys on a Crooked Path, self titled essay, Witchcraft Today – 60 Years On, Moon Books.
  • Nicniven, Naming the Goddess, published by Moon Books. September 2014

Published Articles:

  • Working with the Crone, Pagan Dawn Magazine, Samhain 2010
  • Magickal Housekeeping, Pagan Dawn Magazine, Imbolc 2011
  • Dr John Dee, Witchcraft & Wicca magazine, 2011
  • The Craft and Dealing with Naysayers, Witchcraft & Wicca magazine, 2013.



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